• Smithsonian Collections

    Visualization of the Smithsonian Open Access dataset. It includes a summary along with a breakdown of each unit's percentage of the total collections (by count), the age of items from the past 200 years, and country of origin/find spot.

    This project is an interactive dashboard visualization of the Smithsonian Institute’s Smithsonian Open Access dataset, which contained 11.9 Million Records at time of. The dashboard allows insight into the composition of the Smithsonian’s collections, including what, when, and where items come from. Specifically, the visualization looks at the unit (such as the National Museum of…

  • Cleveland Museum of Art Collections

    Narrative (data storytelling) visualization written loosely in the style of an article

    This project is a narrative visualization seeking to interpret some of the information that can be obtained by looking at a museum’s collections. The dataset contains about 62,000 records including data like department, type (such as “print” or “jewelry”), and whether the item is on display.